Hi, I'm Kate!
Software Engineer | Illustrator | Meme Creator

By day I'm a software engineer with an eye for design. And by night I enjoy drawing and gaming!


Check out these projects I did while still being a part of Lambda School! Unfortunately can't share anything I did for my current employer but I can assure you - my work there holds to a similar standard as these projects.

"Local Voter Guide"

"Great Idea About"

"Contact Us"

"Femochi's Colors"

"Great Idea Services"

"GitHub User Search"

"Responsive Drumkit"

Screenshot of a gradient based quote generator

"Random Quote Generator"

About Me

"Merit student" says a golden sticker I recieved in addition to my high school diploma, all those sleepless nights full of anxiety were just laying on my fingers. So light, despite the heavy weight it made me feel throughout school. Still, it taught me persistance and how to find motivation in the darkest moments. For more than 2 years I've been putting all of my soul & heart into coding because it has always been something that I enjoyed doing!


Let's connect! Would love to hear about your project ideas or thoughts what we might build together!